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"Using Debra Gould's Home Staging ideas, we got 5 offers by the end of the first week of showings and sold for $71,000 over our list price.

Debra gave us the push to do the major things. It really paid off!"

Kathy B., Etobicoke

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Why Home Staging Sells Your Home Faster and For Top Dollar

Remember back to the last time you went house hunting.

You drag yourself through 6 houses in one day. The listings all sound great.

With each one you have renewed hope that you might actually be able to find something you love and that you can afford.

But with each new stop, your disappointment and frustration grows. "What were they thinking?" you ask the agent cringing at the decor, the smell, the clutter...

Then it happens! You drive up to a house that looks like a home before you've even stepped out of the car. You enter and within minutes decide, "this is home!"

That's what a Staging Diva® Graduate Home Stagers can do for your house and why it works!

People imagine they can look past ugly decor or empty rooms and see 'potential', but usually they can't! That's why successful builders use Model Homes and Model Suites to sell their projects.

Savvy home sellers realize that creating a show home environment will entice buyers.

Under-used "clutter corner"
Inviting reading corner
atrium before staging
atrium after staging

Professional Home Stagers or House Fluffers create the right setting to help a home sell quickly and for top dollar.

People shop with logic and buy on emotion

Home buyers start house hunting with a logical list of criteria, but the home they actually buy is chosen largely by emotion.

A Staging Diva Graduate Home Stager's goal is to allow potential buyers to walk into your house and have that "this is home" feeling.

Once a buyer falls in love, forget logic! Suddenly the "must haves" on their list don't seem so necessary.

Cramped and depressing bedroom
A restful haven
bedroom before staging bedroom after staging

"I've lived here for 7 years and never thought of putting the furniture like that!" is a typical comment Staging Diva Debra Gould hears from her clients.

In addition to decorating your house to sell, Staging Diva Graduate Home Stagers also pay attention to the "little" things like poor lighting cracked ceilings and overstuffed closets. Problems help the buyer emotionally disengage from your house.

Remember they buy on emotion so don't expect them to overlook all the problems that have annoyed you about your house for years!

Staging Diva Graduates quickly identify the problems and find the solutions for you

Staging Diva Graduate Home Stagers can be objective about your rooms— evaluating with the eye of a highly critical buyer and finding solutions with the eye of an experienced home stager!

Turning chaos into calm, cramped spaces into open inviting rooms or even furnishing an entire empty house!

Unfocused jumble of furniture
Living room ready for guests
living room before staging living room after staging

The homeowner was living in Thailand when she hired home staging expert Debra Gould to decorate this home to sell with rental furniture provided by her company Six Elements Inc.

Professional Home Stagers quickly develop a plan to get your home showing ready. They can give you the plan to do the work yourself, or manage the entire process for you.

It's entirely up to you!

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"Wow, after 6 weeks on the market and no offers we sold the week after Debra Gould spent the day rearranging our house. We had 3 offers and sold at 98% of our $949,900 asking price. I'm glad we didn't take our agent's advice and drop our asking price $50,000!"

John W., The Kingsway

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