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Issue 91: May 2014
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On stage this month

To Set the Stage

Backstage with Debra

Do You Stage the Table Too?

This Home Office Packs a Punch
Lori Fischer

Success Spotlight
Stacy Goade

Let's Talk About Staging
May 7 and May 15

Certificates and Marketing for Staging Diva Grads

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To Set the Stage

"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life." - Steve Jobs

Backstage with Debra

I'm just back from a mini-vacation in Chicago. Shopping and sightseeing with my daughter who is heading back to college. I hope we get to see each other on this last Mother's Day before she turns 20— and it gets even harder to pretend she's still my "little one."

Speaking of Mother's Day, please watch your email on May 11. I'm sending you a special gift with my best tips for juggling family life with your own business.

I hope the men in our Staging Diva community will forgive this focus on Mother's Day. You may be a parent (or have other demands on your time) and you'll find the tips helpful too.

In this month's issue you'll be the first to know about the Mother's Day Madness Sale on now through May 13. You'll also learn whether it's always necessary to set a table for home staging, and tips for doing it right. Plus, I'm sharing a fabulous home office/family room makeover by Staging Diva Grad Lori Fischer.

You'll meet Staging Diva Grad Stacy Goade who has to be THE home staging expert in Alaska. She did an awesome job appearing on CBS news, wait until you see the video.

Recently, I've received many inquiries from aspriing home stagers wondering whether they have to pay an ongoing licencing fee to Staging Diva after Graduation. While this may be a common practice with other training companies, it's not something I believe in.

Once you're a Staging Diva Graduate, I'll continue to support your business and promote you wherever I can. There is no fee to do this, it's actually my joy and honor! More on this topic in this month's newsletter.

There are two opportunities for you to spend an evening with me on the phone talking about staging this month. I hope you'll join us!

Happy Mother's Day and enjoy the staging season,


Debra Gould, The Staging Diva®
President, Voice of Possibility™ Group Inc.

P.S. If you have any story ideas you'd like me to address next month, please hit "reply" and let me know.

Do You Stage the Table Too?

Magazines often feature such yummy photos of elaborately set tables when showing a dining room. They'll even show a fully set kitchen island that looks like it's just waiting for the family to come down for breakfast.

Have you ever wondered whether you should set the table for a home staging project, beyond just a flower arrangement or bowl of fruit?

And if you decide to go forward with place settings, how do you know how elaborate is appropriate, and what style to use?

home staging table setting

To resolve this dilemma, I wrote an article called 6 Questions to Ask Before Setting the Table for Home Staging. Don't assume you "should" set every table, and instead evaluate whether it's right for that particular home staging project.

You'll need to consider the target market for the home, the budget, whether place settings would be a distraction in that particular room, and more.

Many home stagers posted comments on the article discussing whether they typically set the table for their own staging projects. You might be surprised by their reactions.

> Read the article and comments here and see if you agree.

In a follow up story called 9 Tips for Setting a Table for Home Staging, I shared my best practices for doing it right. After all, a badly set table can be worse than leaving the table empty. Overdoing it is also a problem because the whole point of home staging is to merchandise the home, not its contents.

> Read all 9 Tips for Setting a Table for Home Staging including a link to my Pinterest board for tablescape inspiration.

Want more design ideas?

In the Staging Diva Ultimate Design Guide for Home Stagers, I've gone room by room and studied what works best. You'll find floorplans, before and after photos, and more to help you in any home staging project. There's also a section on curb appeal.

Like almost everything else in the Staging Diva Store, this guide is marked down to 2007 prices during the Mother's Day Madness Sale on now.

> Learn more about using the Ultimate Design Guide and if you order by the May 13 deadline, you can use coupon code 14Mother25 and see $25 come right off the sale price. A total savings of more than 50%.

Staging Diva Design Guide

This Home Office Packs a Punch

As a home stager, it's not unusual to get involved in redecorating and color consulting projects for home owners who aren't moving any time soon.

Such was the case for Staging Diva Grad Lori Fischer of Rethink Home Interiors (PA).

Her client wanted to get more functionality and pizazz out of their family room. In addition to doubling as a guest room (the couch folds out to a daybed), she wanted to move her home office into the same room.

Without careful furniture placement, these multiple uses could have resulted in a cluttered and crowded room, with no focal point.

To add to the challenge, Lori's client didn't want to paint or change any of the architectural elements. The budget was limited to using mostly what the client already had, even if it meant borrowing from other rooms.

family room before home staging

family room home staging
Interior redesign by Lori Fisher. The after shot is by Ashlee Hall of PA Real Estate Photography.

I wanted to share this redesign project with you because it's typical of the decorating assignments home stagers often attract. This project shows how much creativity we can use when we're not just throwing a bunch of money at buying all new furniture. (That's one of the many reasons clients— who would never consider hiring an Interior Designer— will call a home stager for help, even when they're not moving.)

Lori did an awesome job with this project using a mix of consignment store and flea market finds, repurposing what the client already had, and injecting fabulous jolts of red throughout the space.

I bet you'd never guess from this transformation that Lori was a pharmaceutical sales rep before she became a home stager. She writes:

"The Staging Diva Program is smart, direct and exactly what I needed. Little did I know that Debra would become my most trusted adviser and one of my biggest cheerleaders! I had my first staging job before I finished the home staging courses and I had to listen to the recordings to coach me through many aspects of it. I successfully staged the home and not only were the homeowners thrilled, they said that working with me was transformational. I couldn’t have received a higher compliment."

You can learn the staging business success formula I taught Lori through these products.

Plus they are all on sale during the Mother's Day Madness Event on now through May 13:

Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program

Staging Diva Ultimate Portfolio Guide for Home Stagers

Staging Diva Simple Marketing Plan Companion

Staging Diva Ultimate Design Guide for Home Stagers

And don't forget to apply coupon code 14Mother25 and watch $25 come right off your total purchase of $50 or more. Use this coupon as often as you like, even on sale items. Expires May 13.

staging diva sale

Success Spotlight

Congratulations to Alaska Staging Diva Grad Stacy Goade of Alaska Premier Home Staging on her appearance on a CBS News Show.

Stacy did a terrific job educating viewers about the importance of home staging, showcasing her work, plus she even got an on-air mention of her upcoming workshops.

This is a great example of how much credibility you can get from media attention.

> Learn more and see the video.

home stager Alaska

Let's Talk Home Staging - Join me May 7 and 15

5 simple secretes to making money in home staging

May 7 (8 PM Eastern)
5 Simple Secrets to a Home Staging Business: How to Make Money Doing What You Love

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You'll learn how to avoid following the faulty business formula that most home stagers fall into.

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May 15 (7pm Eastern)
Staging Diva Dialog Coaching Call

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Ask me questions and get semi-private coaching in a small group for only $47.

Cindy Ryan (TN) said after a recent call: "Thank you for a great session tonight. Your voice has a magical spark of encouragement and calm that I needed. You're such an inspiration!"

> Join us this month + get the recording too

You're guaranteed to make $500 when you implement the ideas from a single session.

Certificates and Marketing for Staging Diva Grads

Staging Diva Graduates live in 22 countries, in both small towns and large metropolitain cities. The reason our home staging business training program works no matter where you live is because you're learning proven home staging business principals, and the thinking behind them.

All Staging Diva Graduates receive personalized certificates plus free Grad Badge artwork for their marketing materials and websites.

Unlike other staging programs, Staging Diva Graduates DO NOT PAY AN ONGOING FEE to be "certified" or "accredited" after completing this program.

Once you've completed the 5-course training program, you'll be able to say "YourName is a Graduate of the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program" for as long as you like.

We don't put a time limit on this like other companies do!

> Learn how to save up to $830 with a 5-course staging training package.

Staging Diva Graduation Certificate

Do some research before enrolling in home staging training so you're sure what you're buying.

> The Staging Diva Difference

If you've been reading my blog or this newsletter for any length of time, you know I love writing articles about Staging Diva Students and Grads. This gives you much needed publicity and I don't charge you for it. All you have to do is share some details with me so I can write your story.

No other home staging training program consistently does this for its students. We have about 100 articles written and promoted so far, and it keeps growing.

> Share your staging or business story here so I can write about you.

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