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Issue 93: July 2014
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On stage this month

To Set the Stage

Backstage with Debra

Knowing What "Look" To Use in Your Next Staging Project

Top Staging Photos for July
Gayle Gilliam, Rob Reinhart

Staging and Decorating: What's The Difference?

Success Spotlight
Darby Dwyer

Let's Talk About Staging
July 17

Hats Off To 5 Home Stagers
Katrina Gibbons, Kate Perry, Andrea Nordstrom, Rhonda Denardo, Anita Kochan

staging diva store

To Set the Stage

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." - Michelangelo

Backstage with Debra

It's been a crazy real estate market this season, with greater than expected sales volume in many areas. Many have called 2014 the year of the trade up (and vacation home) buyer.

This provides excellent opportunity for home stagers who are out there marketing their services in a professional and consistent way.

In this month's issue, you'll learn how to know what decor style to use in your home staging projects and how to know whether that extra bedroom should be staged as a home office, nursery, or something else.

I've also written about the difference between home staging and decorating from our point of view as stagers and decorators. How would we approach each project and which one is more creative?

This month showcases two of my favorite staging photos, a fab home staging business logo, and more.

Keep reading and you'll meet 8 home stagers who I know will inspire you in your own business.

I hope you've enjoyed a busy staging season and taking action on the business and marketing ideas I share in this newsletter and my blog, Home Staging Business Report.

If you're feeling stuck, or not experiencing the business growth you hoped, please use this down time to learn how to take your business up to the next level with solid home staging business training.

To your success,


Debra Gould, The Staging Diva®
President, Voice of Possibility™ Group Inc.

P.S. If you have any story ideas you'd like me to address next month, please hit "reply" and let me know.

Knowing What "Look" to Use in Staging

When you're decorating a home to sell on the real estate market, there are so many "looks" or decorating styles you might use, and so many options for how you designate each room.

So how do you know which home staging approach is right?

And how do you find the right inspiration?

No single house will appeal to "everyone." Advice to totally neutralize when staging can lead to boring environments that no one will remember, least of all the potential buyer.

For a home stager to be most effective, our first step should be forming a clear mental picture of who this home will appeal to, and why.

home staging buyer

There are several factors that will hlep you with this including the location, price point and type of home it is. But we need to go beyond the obvious to really know what emotional triggers to use.

> Read my article that shares 6 steps to creating the perfect dream house for your target buyer. You'll find lots of inspiration for your next home staging project.

Want more home staging design ideas?

In the Staging Diva Ultimate Design Guide for Home Stagers, I've gone room by room with home staging tips, tricks and floor plans. You'll see great photos and learn how I approach all my home staging projects.

> Learn more about using the Ultimate Design Guide to boost your home staging confidence in any situation.

Staging Diva Design Guide

July Home Staging Photo Pics

I love to feature the work of Staging Diva Graduates. Here are two of my favorite home staging portfolio shots for July.

home stagingStaging Diva Graduate Gayle Gilliam of GG Interiors, Florida.

bedroom after staging

Staging Diva Graduate Rob Reinhart of Make It-Home, California.

> If you'd like to see one of your projects featured and get some free publicity for your home staging business, don't forget to Share Your Staging Story with me so I can write about you!

> Wondering how to get excellent home staging portfolio shots?

Staging and Decorating - What's The Difference?

Both home staging and decorating involve creating a visually appealing home, but we perform each service with different goals in mind.

Since both types of projects involve the same skills, home stagers are often hired for decorating projects.

difference between home staging and decorating

You are either “decorating to sell” or “decorating to live.”

But what does that mean for you the "home stager" or "decorator"? How is your process different?

I think you'll be surprised when you read how I tackle each one for my clients, and my thoughts on which service offers more opportunity for creative expression and why.

> Let me know by adding your comments to this full story: The Difference Between Home Staging and Decorating.

Success Spotlight

Congratulations to Staging Diva Graduate Darby Dwyer of Queen Bee Staging Company (Ontario) on having such a great logo and consistent branding for her business.

Queen Bee Logo

I can generally tell which of my Graduates are going to most successful early in their careers as home stagers. That's because they take the time to "package" and "promote" their businesses professionally.

After all, this is an image business. You need to take your own image seriously or potential clients won't give you the time of day.

I asked Darby where she got such a great logo and it turns out she hired a graphic artist from a small print shop who does freelance work. Darby had a rough concept of what she was looking for and the designer worked with that. Darby writes about her recent business success:

"For the second time this week, I’ve spoken to someone who knows a real estate agent looking for a home stager. At a real-estate investor's seminar I attended today, one of the investors asked for my business cards to pass along to “two” agents in a nearby town. It’s a bit of a drive, but I will just build that into my consultation fee. Yes, I am listening! I respect your advice 100%. Thanks for sharing your expertise to those of us who are anxious to succeed in this exciting industry.

Thanks also for your invitation to join the last Staging Diva Dialog call. It was so informative. Talking to other stagers exposed me to topics that I had not yet considered. I will definitely be a part of upcoming calls to stay informed. I am sure that I’ll have many other questions next time!"

> Read more feedback from our students.

> Learn how to get a great home staging logo in the Ultimate Portfolio Guide.

Let's Talk Home Staging - Join me July 17

July 17 (7pm Eastern)

Staging Diva Dialog Coaching Call

Everyone welcome. For beginner and established home stagers. You don't need to be our student to join this conference call.

save the date

Ask me questions and get semi-private coaching in a small group. Topics change every month depending on the questions members want to ask about. To give you a sense of the range of things you can learn about, here's what we covered last month:

Using workshops to promote your business, tips and tricks for dealing with Realtors, luxury homes, pricing per square foot or by your time, marketing at home shows and events, how to make commissions and markups, how to estimate jobs, Facebook and other social media, and knowing what audience to stage for.

Cindy Ryan (TN) said after a recent call: "Thank you for a great session tonight. Your voice has a magical spark of encouragement and calm that I needed. You're such an inspiration!"

> Join us this month + get the recording too

You're guaranteed to make $500 when you implement the ideas from a single session.

Hats Off To 5 Home Stagers

Join me this month in congratulating these 5 home stagers in reaching significant milestones in their businesses and welcoming them to the Staging Diva Directory of Home Stagers. Check out their profiles and get inspired.

Australia home stager
Katrina Gibbons
Year 3!
Brisbane, Australia
Stylus Home Staging

home stager
Kate Perry (PA)
Accents and Amenities LLC

home stager NJ
Andrea Nordstrom
Nordstrom Home Staging Group LLC

home stager
Rhonda Denardo
Spotlight Staging and Interiors, LLC

home stager MI
Anita Kochan (MI)
Downriver Home Staging LLC
Did You Know?

With a Profile listing in the Staging Diva Directory, I'll custom design a brochure for you at no charge.

brochure sample front brochure sample back

Sample front & back of custom brochure

Here's what Jennifer Farnham says about hers, "Many thanks for providing the brochure as part of the directory listing. I'll be using it in an upcoming silent auction to promote my business. Thanks again for all your help in this new chapter of my life. You provide much more than straight business advice. Your emotional and psychological support is just as important, if not more!"

Learn how you can have a successful staging business like Jennifer and the other members of the Staging Diva Inner Circle.

About Staging Diva

Debra Gould has been a serial entrepreneur since 1989. She is president of Voice of Possibility Group Inc. with a mission of helping entrepreneurs create their ideal businesses and lifestyles.

An internationally recognized home staging expert, Debra created the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program with 8,000 students in the U.S., Canada and 20 other countries. She is the author of 5 guides, offers a Directory of Home Stagers to help home sellers and agents locate stagers in their area and is frequently profiled in the media.

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