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Home Stager's Guide to Twitter: Building your home staging business one "tweet" at a time

by home staging expert Debra Gould

"I'm working through the Home Stager's Guide to Twitter. It's been a huge help as I set up my Twitter account and learn all the ropes. Every Twitter question that I've had has been answered in this Guide. Thanks for creating yet another great resource tool that is helping me in my home staging business!" Leah Fritz (WI)

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Home Stager's Guide to Twitter

Are you confused about why every radio show and newscast now includes the line, "Follow us on Twitter"?

Do you feel left out, like you're the last person in the world to jump on the Twitter bandwagon?

Are you scared to join Twitter because you're afraid it will take up too much of your time?

Do you wonder what the point of Twitter is when you can just pick up the phone and call someone?

You can grow your home staging business on Twitter, if you know how to use it right

The Home Stager's Guide to Twitter: Building your home staging business one "tweet" at a time, written by home staging expert Debra Gould, is THE must-have resource for home stagers who are ready to grow their businesses without spending a fortune on marketing.

Twitter is a powerful way to build your home staging business when you know how to use it properly. It is also a phenomenal tool to increase traffic to your website or blog when you use the strategies in the Home Stager's Guide to Twitter.

Whether you’re an aspiring home stager or an established pro, you must grab a copy of this Twitter Guide if:

You don't understand why Twitter is important

Fear of the unknown makes you reluctant to use Twitter

You didn't realize Twitter is FREE to join

You're really not sure what Twitter is

You haven't seen how Twitter can expand your business

You believe Twitter will use up as much time as Facebook

You're already on Twitter but not sure why

You're confused by Twitter terms and techniques

You've been posting on Twitter with no response

You wonder whether you are using Twitter correctly

Table of Contents
Twitter Guide for Home Stagers Part 1
Twitter Guide for Home Stagers Part 2

Order this 100+ page ebook now!

Great for beginners, but this Twitter Guide goes beyond that

While the Home Stager's Guide to Twitter is written assuming you are a total beginner with little or no experience with Twitter, this ebook is more than ”just” a beginner's guide.

Once you've mastered the basics, which are taught to you in a step-by-step fashion with accompanying diagrams, this essential guide will also introduce you to more advanced strategies.

You can approach these when you're ready. You don't have to tackle every strategy in this comprehensive guide at the beginning!

In this Twitter Guide you'll learn how to:

Get comfortable with Twitter

Not be scared off by the technology or jargon

Identify and avoid common Twitter pitfalls

Save time while getting better results

Set up your Twitter profile properly

Understand the different types of "tweets"

Find and follow the right people on Twitter

Attract the right type of followers

Use direct messages, hashtags, favorites and lists

Promote your website, blog or newsletter

Use Twitter strategies to grow your staging business

Use advanced strategies after mastering the basics

PLUS for your quick reference you'll find:

Answers to frequently asked questions about Twitter

A glossary of common Twitter and Internet terms

step by step Twitter instructions for home stagers
Easy-to-follow diagrams will lead you through every step as you get started on Twitter.
Home Stager's Guide to Twitter Glossary
Sample page from Glossary of Twitter and Internet terms

Learn how to use Twitter from a home stager who uses it with success

You can waste your time:

  • Being frustrated while trying to master Twitter on your own
  • Destroying your online reputation by using Twitter incorrectly
  • Struggling and getting no results at all

OR you can spend a couple of hours learning how to use Twitter efficiently and effectively.

By using the tips, tricks and techniques in the Home Stager's Guide to Twitter: Building your home staging business one "tweet" at a time, you will save hundreds of hours by not having to figure out everything yourself PLUS you'll learn how to use Twitter to build your home staging business.

Twitter tips and techniques
In the Home Stager's Guide to Twitter you'll learn all the shortcuts author Debra Gould uses so you can use your own time well AND get business results.
"I love the Twitter Guide! It's clear, concise, easy to follow, and motivated me to use what I was learning.
To my amazement, Google found my profile within two days and I suddenly had people following me on Twitter that I had never heard of. This Guide really showed me how to use Twitter to get new clients. I would recommend it to everyone!" Kay Keeton (TX)
"Your Twitter Guide is great. Just what I needed to get started. Thanks!" Diana Zinck (BC)
"The Home Stager's Guide to Twitter is comprehensive, easy to read and way too much fun! I consider myself to be techno-challenged, but this guide actually made me feel quite smart. I adore you for that!
As I begin my journey into 'Twitter-ville' I feel confident that I can find the answer to any question that may arise in this Guide. I am also excited about following other stagers and re-designers whose informative tweets are inspiring to me." Jayne Steuart (CO)

Written by internationally recognized home staging expert Debra Gould, also known as The Staging Diva®, the Home Stager's Guide to Twitter is the only guide of its kind written specifically for home stagers.

You'll learn from a Twitter expert and one of the most respected names in the home staging field today!

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California home stager "Debra Gould is a Master at Marketing! A true professional with Wit and Humor and open to share all her success."

Carla Savko (CA)

"Thank you Debra for your clarity, on-going support and sense of humor. You rock!"

Jodi Opsahl (AB)

home stager AB
"Debra, Thanks for sharing your wisdom, marketing expertise and entrepreneurial advice!"

Erin Rhindress (MA)

Home Stager, MA

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