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"Having my own business has always been my goal. I just never knew where to start, until the Staging Diva Program. You gave me all the tools I needed to start my own real estate staging business. I can't remember the last time I was so excited and passionate about the work I am doing!" (Ivana Starcevoc) *

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Wondering if a Home Staging business is right for you?

Have you been watching TV shows like "Sell This House," "Buy Me" and "Designed to Sell," and wondered whether you have the talent to decorate homes for the real estate market?

Have you noticed media stories about Home Staging, House Fluffing, Real Estate Styling, House Primping (and whatever else it's being called) and wondered if it is a business you'd like to start?

Perhaps your friends have been asking for your decorating help for years, yet because you have no formal training you worry about whether you really have decorating talent or the eye of a home stager!

Or maybe you're like Debra Gould, The Staging Diva®, who bought, decorated and sold 6 of her own homes before realizing she had a talent for significantly increasing the perceived value of a home, and that this talent could be used as a basis for a home-based business.

Debra Gould on HGTV "I've always had a passion for decorating and an interest in real estate," says Debra. "Now I've finally found a career that combines both— while giving me enough flexibility to build my own business around the needs of my family."

We offer a FREE Staging Diva Quiz to help you discover your staging savvy and evaluate whether a Home Staging business is right for you.

Just complete the form in the green box at right, and we'll email your quiz to you within minutes as a PDF file. There is no obligation to buy anything!

This is a FREE gift from Debra Gould, known around the world as The Staging Diva!

Debra's mission is to inspire and empower others to live the life of their dreams. If this quiz helps you figure out whether home staging is something for you to pursue, then it's done its job. Even if it rules out home staging, wouldn't it be good to know so you can move on and concentrate your energies on something else?

The Staging Diva Quiz includes surprise bonuses we know you'll appreciate.

The quiz is free, it's fun and you're guaranteed to learn something about yourself. It also comes with surprise bonuses you'll find helpful!

So, why not order it now? What do you have to lose?

Just fill out the form in the green box at the top right, and you'll have the quiz in minutes, plus your chance to win this week's Staging Diva Challenge with a prize worth $75!

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When you order the Staging Diva Quiz, we'll also give you a FREE subscription to our monthly eNewsletter, Staging Diva Dispatch. It's filled with business-building ideas and articles about home staging.

"Thanks for the free subscription to Staging Diva Dispatch. Even though I'm considered an 'established stager' with a couple of years and over 100 staged homes under my belt, you are rapidly becoming my Staging Idol!

It's your dynamic enthusiasm and drive that inspires me to keep going and growing.

I always recommended only the Staging Diva Program to someone getting into home staging even though I've also taken the ASP and HSE programs."

Tina Bright, ASP
Maxim Interiors *

If you're losing the courage to follow your dreams because of the economy, or you have a spouse who objects to the idea of running your own business, then this FREE report is for you! Debra Gould has dug into real estate statistics and shows you why what's happening in real estate makes this the ideal time to grow a staging business.

Order this FREE special report today!

"The Staging Diva Training Program was worth every penny. Thank you so much for all the incredible business and marketing information.

Thanks to your Staging Diva training, I'm excited about my opportunities for the future!

I appreciate your knowledge and look forward to a fun experience building my home staging business!

Thanks again for sharing your expertise. God Bless!"

Staging Diva® is one of the most respected names in home staging training worldwide.

Courses, guides, checklists and more are available to help you— whether you are new to staging or you've been in business awhile.

Check out the many products available to help your staging business

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