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Staging Diva Home Staging Course 1

"The Staging Diva Program is a must for anyone looking to start their own staging business! Debra removes all the guesswork by giving students all the necessary steps to really get out there." Brenday Malo, Cali Home Staging *

Course 1 - Cash in Decorating Homes to Sell

What is Home Staging
• Top 5 reasons Home Staging works
• 7 reasons this is a growth business and what that means for you
• 4 key factors affecting how you work with a Home Staging client
• Services you can offer as part of your Home Staging business
• Key factors to consider when starting a Home Staging or House Fluffing business
• Overcoming the hurdles of starting your own business
• Top 5 Survival Strategies for being your own boss (Debra's been an entrepreneur since 1989!)

US $327.00
Downloadable Course Recording + Full Notes
(sent to you by email)

>> Save up to $830 with a 5-course package!

>> More details on complete training program

Staging Diva Home Staging Course 2

"My first staging project more than paid for the entire Staging Diva Program! And I wouldn't have had the guts to charge enough without it. Thanks for being such a great motivator." Patricia Ebrahimi, Show Smart *

Course 2 - The Business of Home Staging: What you Need to Start and How to Grow

Ideal traits/background for being a Home Stager
• What you need to get started
• What you need to grow
• Why you should register a business
• Why there's no such thing as staging "accreditation"
• The 4 best ways to build trust and credibility as a Home Stager
• How to charge for your services (learn what others charge and what's wrong with their pricing strategies)
• Pros and cons of owning a Home Staging inventory
• How and where to get designer discounts
• Top 10 low budget ways to grow your Home Staging business

US $327.00
Downloadable Course Recording + Full Notes
(sent to you by email)

>> Save up to $830 with a 5-course package!

>> More details on complete training program

Staging Diva Home Staging Course 3

Includes $45 bonus:

Staging Diva® Home Staging Consultation Checklist with Room-by-Room Client Planning Forms

"I can't tell you how much I've benefitted from the Staging Diva courses. When I have an appointment for a consult, I set aside a bit of time to re-listen to Course 3. The recordings are such a great source of reference and boost my confidence in my ability to be of real help to my clients." Dolly DeWald, D3 Dolly DeWald Designs *

Course 3 - Taking the Mystery out of Home Staging Consultations (includes bonus Home Staging Checklist)

How to turn a potential buyer into a paying client
• Avoiding the "free estimate trap"
• What to wear and bring to a Home Staging client consultation
• How to start your client meeting
• What to look for and how to communicate without offending clients
• Who moves what and when, and other Home Staging mysteries
• House showing survival tips to build your client relationship
• Don't chase your money: How to get paid on the spot
• Invoice templates for three unique scenarios
• How to end the meeting and pave the way for future sales
• The final visit: essential ingredients for your Home Staging "tool kit"

US $327.00
Downloadable Course Recording + Full Notes
(sent to you by email)

>> Save up to $830 with a 5-course package!

>> More details on complete training program

Staging Diva Home Staging Course 4

"My first staging project was worth $8,000. I staged a vacant home that's been on the market for two years." Elizabeth Englehart, Moving Designs *

Course 4 - Staging Diva® Sales & Marketing Secrets to Boost your Home Staging Business

Defining what success means to you and how that relates to your chosen marketing strategies
• How the buying cycle works
• Overcoming the top 5 reasons someone won't hire a Home Stager
• The key questions you must answer before someone will buy
• How to reach your 4 key target audiences (yes, there are four!)
• What you should know about each audience
• Building your web presence and learning about search engines
• Pricing strategies to work less and earn more

US $327.00
Downloadable Course Recording + Full Notes
(sent to you by email)

>> Save up to $830 with a 5-course package!

>> More details on complete training program

Staging Diva Home Staging Course 5

"The Staging Diva Program filled in all the questions that I still had after completing another 'hands on program.' I love that I'm now pursuing a career that pays me to be creative." Tracie Lacroix, Sold by Design *

Course 5 - Over 30 More Ways to Make Money in Staging

What is an alliance?
• How alliances make money for you
• Alliances vs. Partnerships
• 6 key reasons to form an alliance
• 4 key ingredients to look for
• How to find alliances
• How to negotiate a win/win situation
• Staging Diva Alliance Assessment Scorecard to evaluate candidates
• Wrap up questions from the Staging Diva Training Program
• Invitations to Graduate only programs and ongoing support services

US $327.00
Downloadable Course Recording + Full Notes
(sent to you by email)

>> Save up to $830 with a 5-course package!

>> More details on complete training program

Staging Diva Graduate Certificate

As a Staging Diva Graduate, you'll receive a personalized certificate in the mail.

Staging Diva Graduate Badge

After completing the Staging Diva Program, you'll receive a "grad badge" for your website and printed materials.

Staging Diva home study kit

The Instant Download PLUS Package and the Mailed-To-Your-Door Package include all the items shown above.

Courses 1 through 5 - The Complete Staging Diva® Home Staging Business Training Program

90% of students who sign up for 1 course end up taking all 5, so we give you the opportunity to save money by offering you 3 different course packages to choose from. Savings range from $700 up to $830, compared to ordering all the items in each package individually. (View comparison chart now!)

# 1 - Instant Download (save $700)

The Instant Download Package is the quickest and cheapest way to get the Staging Diva Training Program and all the benefits that come with being a Graduate. Your 5 home staging courses and 2 bonus checklists are sent to you by email as soon as you order. No waiting— start learning immediately!

# 2 - Instant Download PLUS (save $775)

With the Instant Download PLUS Package, you get everything in the Instant Download Package, PLUS a 100-page home staging training program Action Guide and a bonus one-hour question and answer audio recording where you'll hear Staging Diva Debra Gould answer detailed questions from a small group of Graduates. You can download everything as soon as you order— no waiting!

# 3 - Mailed-To-Your-Door (save $830)

With the Mailed-To-Your-Door Package, you get exactly the same materials that come with the Instant Download PLUS package, but you don't have to worry about downloading anything because it's all mailed to your home! When your shipment is delivered, you'll find all your training materials packaged in an attractive tabbed binder, plus a matching CD media case containing your audio CD recordings. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery within the US, 3 weeks for Canada and up to 4 weeks outside North America.

NOTE: All 5-course packages include a 60-day trial membership in Staging Diva Network Online Discussion Group. A great way to network with fellow students and get your questions answered as you work through your courses!

See the chart below to compare each package:

Save with these 3 packages!

Mailed-To-Your-Door items are subject to shipping & handling charges, which are added during checkout.

USD $995

Save $700 with Instant Download Package!

Instant Download

USD $1095

Save $775 with Instant Download Plus!

Instant Download PLUS

USD $1295

Save $830 with Mailed To Your Door Package!


>> More Details

"I can't tell you how empowered I felt taking the Staging Diva Program! In 10 hours of staging courses, you saved me from years of being underpaid and overworked as a home stager! I can't thank you enough." April Fitzpatrick, Style That Sells *

Checklists, Scripts and eBooks
Staging Diva Home Staging Business Quick-Start Checklist

"Staging Diva is not just about Staging— it's about being in BUSINESS, making MONEY and keeping yourself SANE at the same time!" Victoria Willits, Fresh Look Design *

Staging Diva® Home Staging Business Quick-Start Checklist

Starting a new business can be scary. There are so many things to consider and so many steps to take. Sometimes just trying to figure out what to do first can be overwhelming.

This quick-start guide to the first 20 steps you need to start your home staging, house staging, real estate staging business will keep you focused and organized. It will also save you from making the costly mistakes that come with doing things in the wrong order.


14 Marketing Ideas to Rev Up Your Home Staging Business

"Debra, you're a marketing genius. I've done more business in the last 6 months than I did the whole previous year! Many thanks for your vision and your incredible ability to share it with others." Caroline Carter, Done In a Day, Inc. *

14 Marketing Ideas to Rev Up Your Home Staging Business

If you don’t put focused effort into marketing your business, nobody will ever know how talented you are as a home stager. This special report takes the mystery out of marketing by giving you 14 no-cost and low-cost ways to start promoting your business right now. Any of these ideas will rev up your business by helping you attract new clients.

Home staging and business expert Debra Gould has written 14 pages of inspiring ideas that you can act on immediately, without feeling like you need to write a whole business or marketing plan first.

US $ 20.00
Special Report
(sent to you by email)

7 Massive Mistakes that can Kill your Home Staging Business

"I can attribute my success to the Staging Diva. Throughout my 2-year journey, you have been and continue to be my driving force. Debra, you're awesome!" Gary Baugher, An Eye 4 Change *

7 Massive Mistakes That Can Kill Your Home Staging Business and How to Avoid Them

In this 17 page special report by home staging expert Debra Gould, you'll learn how to avoid the 7 massive mistakes that can:

  • be devastating to your business
  • cost you referrals
  • tarnish your reputation
  • cause financial ruin
  • or all of the above!

Useful tips for both new home stagers and those who have been in the business for a year or two.

US $ 20.00
Special Report
(sent to you by email)


Simple Marketing Plan Companion

"Debra Gould is a Master at Marketing! She's a true professional with wit and humor and open to share all her success. Everyone needs a mentor— Debra will be mine. Her energy and confidence are truly inspiring!" Carla Savko, Homes with Pizzazz *

Simple Marketing Plan Companion: A stress-free approach to promoting your staging business

Following the simple approach outlined in this inspiring guide will remove the intimidation factor around creating a marketing plan, prompt you to change the ways you promote your business and remind you to take action to keep your business (and your life) moving forward in the direction you really want it to go. You'll learn:

  • What kind of marketing plan you really need as a home stager
  • How the "5 P's of Marketing" fit together to boost your image
  • How to identify what you really want from your business
  • How to sharpen your focus and beat "overwhelm"
  • How to turn your business goals into a simple plan
  • How to put your marketing plan into action
  • And much more

Learn how to write your own marketing plan the easy way, so you can stop "planning" and start "doing." Then watch the results as your staging business grows! If you're serious about having a real staging business that meets your financial needs while letting you live the life of your dreams, you don't want to miss this guide by marketing expert Debra Gould, The Staging Diva.

US $ 39.00
Special Report
(sent to you by email)

Staging Diva Chronicles Volume 1

"My first staging job went incredibly well and I could not tear the smile off my face after I left. I had to strongly resist the urge to skip back to my car in case my clients might be watching from their doorway. Debra, you have inspired me to broaden my business horizons. You're amazing!" Katherine James, Set Sale and Go Home Staging *

Staging Diva Chronicles Volume 1: 12 Home Staging Articles You Can Use for Your Own Promotion

Save yourself countless hours of research and writing by using these articles to promote your services or to teach others about home staging. All you need to do is copy and paste the content into your own newsletters, blogs or even your website following the instructions provided in this special report.

Written by Debra Gould, The Staging Diva, some of the 12 article topics include:

  • How home staging can help homeowners facing foreclosure
  • Helping real estate investors maximize their profit
  • Mistakes homeowners make when hiring a home stager
  • Why home staging is an essential marketing tool for real estate agents
  • How to turn a house into a hot property
  • Tips to hiring a professional home stager
  • Why you should hire a professional home stager
US $ 39.00
Special Report
(sent to you by email)

>> More Details

NEW Second Volume!

Staging Diva Chronicles Volume 1

"I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn't know how to go about it. Staging Diva gave me the processes and I followed them." Meg Ritchie, Gold Coast Homestaging *

Staging Diva Chronicles Volume 2: 12 Home Staging Articles You Can Use for Your Own Promotion

These 12 articles about home staging are written to save you time because you can cut and paste them into your own newsletters, blogs or even your website following the instructions provided in this special report. All 12 articles are written to help home sellers and agents understand the importance of staging and to pique their interest in hiring you.

Written by Debra Gould, The Staging Diva, the 12 titles include:

  • Staging Helps Home Sellers Outshine the Competition
  • Photography Tips to Spruce up Your Real Estate Listings
  • 5 Reasons You Need a Home Stager in a Slow Market
  • Home Staging Helps Buyers See the Real Potential in a Property
  • 6 House Showing Survival Tips for Life in the Real Estate Market
  • Stagers Help Real Estate Agents Stop Wasting “Free Time”
US $ 39.00
Special Report
(sent to you by email)

>> More Details

Staging Diva Home Staging Consultation Checklist

"Debra, thank you for the home staging project referral on that $1.6 million dollar home. The staging went well and I felt confident and comfortable working with the clients thanks to what I learned in the Staging Diva Program." Anne Counard, Ideal Home Staging *

Home Staging Consultation Checklist with Room-by-Room Client Planning Forms

This is two products in one! The Home Staging Consultation Checklist includes:

  • Considerations before your house staging appointment
  • What items to bring to your client appointment
  • Important considerations as you start your client meeting
  • The process to follow during your meeting
  • What items to consider both inside and outside the home
  • How to conclude your real estate staging appointment and get paid

The Room-by-Room Client Planning Forms are ready for you to customize with your own logo and contact information on the front page. Then you photocopy the rest and you'll have a professional-looking and thorough room-by-room plan to fill in during your consultation and then leave behind with your clients at the end of your meeting.

You get this product as a FREE BONUS when you sign up for course 3 or one of our 5-course packages.

US $ 45.00
Checklist with Room by Room Forms
(sent to you by email)

>> More Details

Staging Diva Home Staging Sales Script

"I love the Staging Diva Sales Script! It's like being privy to the 'secret' of a famous restaurant, because Debra has proven it works over time. I sincerely appreciate the Staging Diva's desire to help entrepreneurs like me become a success!" Sue Kilmer, Suzy Home Stager *

Staging Diva® Sales Script: How to Avoid the Free Estimate Trap and Turn Homeowners into Home Staging Customers in One Phone Conversation

Home staging expert Debra Gould, The Staging Diva® has personally staged hundreds of homes without ever going to visit a prospective client to do a free estimate (even though she is surrounded by other stagers who do).

In this unique product, she takes you behind the scenes to discover exactly what she says to homeowners when they call and say: "I'm thinking of having my home staged, what does it cost?" or "I'm thinking of having my home staged, can you come over for a free estimate?"

This Sales Script took Debra from zero business to earning $10,000 a month staging homes in her second year in business. You're about to learn what she says to prospects word for word to help them understand the value of her services and book a paid meeting with her!

Order Staging DIva Sales Script US $57.00
Sales Script
(sent to you by email)

>> More Details

Home Staging Training  Action Guide

"The Staging Diva Training Program answered all of my questions. After Course 3 I landed my first client and earned enough to pay for the whole training program and turn a profit too! Thanks Debra for being so open and candid about the intimacies of operating your business so that we can have a better chance to succeed!" Terri Tough, A La Mode Interior Home Staging *

Staging Diva® Business Training Action Guide:
Planning Notes, Worksheets and Scorecards to Start and Grow Your Business with Confidence

The Staging Diva Training Program Action Guide is filled with 100 pages of activities to help you stay organized and moving forward in a step-by-step fashion.

The exercises and tasks are based on the 5 courses in the Staging Diva Training Program. That's where you'll find all the background explanation and thinking behind the activities in this Action Guide.

Nothing in this guide is "make work." It's all geared towards helping you plan your business and focus on your priorities with fill-in-the-blank worksheets, exercises, checklists and more.

This is the perfect product if you want to reinforce your learning by working with the Staging Diva course material in a more active way.

NOTE: This product is only available in these 5-Course Packages:

  • Instant Download PLUS Package
  • Mailed-To-Your-Door Package
Twitter Guide for Home Stagers

"I love the Twitter Guide! It's clear, concise, easy to follow, and motivated me to use what I was learning. To my amazement, Google found my profile within 2 days and I suddenly had people following me on Twitter that I had never heard of. This Guide really showed me how to use Twitter to get new clients. I recommend it to everyone!" Kay Keeton, Start Stager *

Home Stager's Guide to Twitter:
Building your home staging business one "tweet" at a time

The Home Stager's Guide to Twitter is filled with over 100 pages of step-by-step instructions (with accompanying diagrams) that take you from "just getting started" to using advanced strategies on Twitter to build your home staging business.

You'll learn the 12 reasons you should be on Twitter, how to set up your account properly on this FREE service, the different types of "tweets" and when to use them, how to create the right image for your staging business, how to attract potential customers and how to use Twitter to drive visitors to your website or blog.

It's all about getting noticed and doing it the right way. This guide will show you how to use Twitter effectively and efficiently, so you'll save time and money while getting results. For beginner and intermediate Twitter users.

US $37.00
(sent to you by email)

>> More Details and Table of Contents

Staging Diva Ultimate Color Guide

"The Ultimate Color Guide saved me hundreds of hours. Within 45 minutes, I had my own Staging Fan Deck put together. It's easier to carry, less daunting for clients and reinforces my professionalism and expertise. Debra, your suggestions are brilliant. I cannot tell you how inspiring you are!" Leigh Olson, Velvet Plum *

Staging Diva® Ultimate Color Guide: the easy way to pick colors for home staging projects

Internationally recognized home staging expert Debra Gould shares specific color names and numbers for you to choose from when staging a home. These are her favorite paint colors after decorating hundreds of homes to sell, and seeing what colors work best under different lighting conditions.

You'll also learn when and how to discuss color with your clients, 30 tips for choosing the right colors and more.

US $75.00
(sent to you by email)

Outside the US and Canada?
If Benjamin Moore® paint is not available in your country, do not order this Guide as it is based on the Benjamin Moore color system.

>> More Details

Staging Diva Ultimate Guide to Creating the Perfect Portfolio

"I received my Portfolio Guide immediately and found the Staging Diva's advice invaluable! It is practical, motivating, real-life stuff. It demystifies a lot of technical subjects, while making me feel proud of my unique ability to stage homes!" Judi Collins, Superior Home Styling *

Staging Diva� Ultimate Portfolio Guide: Winning clients with the perfect home staging portfolio

Home staging expert Debra Gould gives you the steps to creating a winning home staging portfolio; from how to write about yourself, get a great logo, take before and after photos, and more.

A "portfolio" is a key tool in presenting your talents to the world and can make all the difference in whether you're successful as a home stager or not.

US $75.00
(sent to you by email)

>> More Details

Staging Diva Ultimate Design Guide

"The Design Guide gave me a fresh outlook. Your information is so descriptive and clear, it gave me confidence to tackle any project! Thanks for putting together this great tool!" Kulli Yee, Ilus Design *

Staging Diva® Ultimate Design Guide: Home Staging Tips, Tricks and Floor Plans

When you’re confident you can stage any room in any home, you'll be able to take that time and energy you’d normally spend worrying about what to do and focus it on building your business instead.

This must-have resource for home staging professionals tells you exactly what to do in every conceivable home staging scenario. The Staging Diva boosts your design confidence as she takes you room by room with tons of tips and tricks delivered in an entertaining, conversational format. Lots of accompanying photos and sample floor plans will help you visualize and learn all the staging design concepts.

US $75.00
(sent to you by email)

>> More Details

Customized Support Directly From Debra Gould, The Staging Diva
Staging Diva Dialog

"Thanks again for another great Staging Diva Dialog discussion. I always find the calls jam-packed with extremely useful information— very uplifting as I build my business." Maureen Jillain, Primp My Property *

Staging Diva® Dialog - LIVE Group Coaching Calls

Have your business questions answered personally by internationally recognized home staging expert Debra Gould. You can join her LIVE on the phone every 8 weeks for this highly interactive session. PLUS, you'll get a downloadable recording within 24 hours of each call. Appropriate for both new and established stagers and you're guaranteed to learn something that will earn you at least $800 from every call (or you can ask for a refund)! Held on Wednesdays at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific).

2018 dates: Jan 10, Mar 7, May 2, Jun 27, Aug 22, Oct 17 and Dec 12

Only $47 now US $72.00 (every 2nd month, cancel any time)
Live Call + Recording

>> More Details

Debra Gould, The Staging Diva Business Coaching Program

"The Staging Diva Training Program taught me what I needed to get started in my staging business, and Debra's Business Accelerator Coaching keeps me inspired and moving forward." Tiffiny Coffey, Scarlet Barn Interiors *

One-on-One Home Staging Business Accelerator Coaching

Do you want to make MORE money doing what you love? Do you crave the freedom of having your own business and giving up working for someone else? Are you feeling stuck and uninspired?

Home staging expert Debra Gould, The Staging Diva®, answers your business questions and coaches you through whatever challenges you face as a home stager.

Advice that will save you years of struggle. Imagine having all your questions answered by someone who has been a successful stager for over 7 years!

You have 6 months to use your time and you can split it into a number of individual phone appointments from 15 to 60 minutes in length.

US $497.00
One Hour Business Coaching
with Debra Gould

>> More Details


When you order any of the 5-course training program packages you will be invited to add the Accelerator Upgrade which gives you one full hour of one-on-one business coaching for only $247 -- a 50% savings!


Home Staging Website CheckUp

"I have been doing a LOT of research about websites and optimization, and attended classes that warn new business owners of the very issues Debra brings up. I am beginning to understand why she has often said she could 'write a book' about websites and SEO!" Stacy Goade, Alaska Premier Home Staging *

Home Staging Website CheckUp

You're a home stager, not a website designer or a computer programmer, yet the quality of your home staging website is a big factor in how much money you'll make as a stager.

Your Home Staging Website CheckUp is a great way to fine-tune your website, learn how to get more visitors, and discover the secrets for getting your visitors to pick up the phone and call you!

Home staging expert Debra Gould, The Staging Diva, has been building her own websites since 1999. During your Home Staging Website CheckUp she'll personally review the content of your site (including text, photos, layout and links) and look at the "hidden code" to make sure it's right so that Google can find you.

You'll get an audio recording of all your CheckUp conversations with Debra so you won't have to take notes during your telephone calls with her. PLUS you can re-listen to her recommendations for improvement as often as you like and even share the recording with your website designer if you have one.

You don't need to send anything in advance other than your website address. Debra will take it from there!

US $497.00
60 minutes with Debra Gould
PLUS Audio Recording

>> More Details

Programs exclusively for Graduates of the
Staging Diva® Home Staging Business Training Program
Staging Diva Directory of Home Stagers

"I cannot thank you enough for creating the Directory and the custom company brochures for your graduates! These are wonderful tools that will help tremendously to promote my services! Thank you for your continuous support and new ideas." Patricia Adamic, Ma Maison Home Staging *

The Staging Diva® Directory of Home Stagers

Once you're a Graduate of The Staging Diva® Home Staging Business Training Program, you are eligible to participate in the Staging Diva® Directory of Home Stagers. Package includes building your profile page using copy you supply, cropping and retouching your images and creating all the meta tags and page descriptions to help search engines find you. You can also have a FREE company brochure based on your listing! Choose the hosting package that's right for you.

US $ 395.00
Directory Listing + $135/3 Month Hosting

(Quarterly hosting fee billed 7 days from when you order and every 90 days thereafter.)
OR Annual Hosting with FREE brochure for your company and Social Media Package!
US $395.00
Directory Listing + $450/Annual Hosting

(Annual hosting fee billed 37 days from when you order. Total savings with this package $135 or 25% in first year because you get three months free.)

PLUS $879 in BONUSES: Annual hosting includes your FREE company brochure with download link from your profile page! PLUS, you can include links from your Directory Listing to your accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!

FOR A LIMITED TIME: We're including a one year membership in Staging Diva Dialog, our bi-monthly exclusive Group Coaching Program. You'll get to speak with Debra Gould and fellow Staging Diva Grads and ask anything you like, plus get coaching on any challenges you're facing as you grow your business. Includes Free recordings of all 7 sessions during the year!

>> More Details

"Mini Listings are a really smart idea, Debra, particularly for those who have a site that is not ranking as well as they would like it to be. It is AMAZING what rankings can come from even the smallest link in a high-ranking site like your Directory." Adam Luttrell, Shift by Design *

NEW! Mini Directory Listing - Save $300 when joining

If you already have a complete website of your own (a stand alone site, not part of another company's website or directory), you might consider a Mini Listing in the Staging Diva Directory of Home Stagers.

It's not as strong for selling your services as a complete Profile Page, but a Mini Listing does give you the considerable benefits of being part of the high traffic, well promoted Directory.

Since there is less involved on our end to build this Mini Listing, the cost to join is only $95. Choose the hosting package that's right for you.

US $ 95.00
Mini Listing + $135/3 Month Hosting

(Quarterly hosting fee billed 7 days from when you order and every 90 days thereafter.)
US $95.00
Mini Listing + $450/Annual Hosting

(Annual hosting fee billed 37 days from when you order. Total savings with this package $135 in year one, it's like getting 3 MONTHS FREE!)

>> More Details

Staging Diva Network Online Discussion Group

"Debra, I feel very privileged to have you as my mentor. You developed great mechanisms to keep in touch with us and be there for us when we need your advice. With the Staging Diva Network, you created a fabulous support group of like-thinkers, so we could learn from each other and share our experiences. You have passion for your business and a 'go girl!' push which we all need." Svetlana Kudriavtseva, Staging Touch *

Staging Diva® Network OnLine Discussion Group

Graduates of the Staging Diva® Home Staging Business Training Program can join the Staging Diva® Network OnLine Discussion Group. This is a great way to have ongoing support and feel connected with other new stagers going through similar experiences! Members log in any time day or night to contribute to discussions, ask questions or post their comments. Password protected for members only, making this a safe place to discuss anything you need help with. Includes searchable archive of past discussions— an excellent resource base.

For a limited time, get one month FREE when you sign up for only $60 for three months.

US $ 60.00 (three months + one month free)
On-Line Discussion Group Membership

>> More Details


When you order any of the 5-course training program packages you'll get a FREE 60 day trial membership in Staging Diva Network. A great way to network with fellow students and get your questions answered as you work through your courses and start your business!

"WOW is studying really supposed to be that enjoyable?!
Debra Gould doesn't just teach you all the business fundamentals, she makes you believe in YOU!" Hayley Harris (Brisbane, AU) * Australia Home Stager

 Staging Diva Satisfaction Guaranee

We guarantee all Staging Diva® Products and Services.

Learn more about our money back guarantee.

home stager MO "I learned more about marketing from the Staging Diva® Program than I have in 20 years in the design field.

Debra's program is not about how to fluff a pillow, or flower arranging 101 but how to set up and market your home staging company." Lisa Chill (MO) *


Call Debra Gould at 416-691-6615

Or Email For Prompt Attention:

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