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Staging Diva® Ultimate Design Guide:
Home Staging Tips, Tricks and Floor Plans

by internationally recognized home staging expert Debra Gould

"The Staging Diva Ultimate Design Guide is not only full of fresh design insights but clearly outlines what every home stager needs to know to become successful when staging clients' homes. This comprehensive resource provides the recipe for success— a must-have for both new and experienced professionals!" Isabelle Gelderblom (UK) *

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Staging Diva Ultimate Design Guide

Peek into the Staging Diva's insider secrets on how to decorate a home to sell

Avoid home staging pitfalls and boost your design confidence

Are you holding yourself back because deep down you’re afraid that you won’t always know what changes to make when you’re actually staging someone’s home?

Have you ever wondered how to optimally stage an unfinished “dumping ground” of a basement? Do you know what to do with a severely outdated kitchen that seems like a lost cause?

If you’re interested in home staging or you currently operate a home staging business, you probably know it’s hard to find quality design training that’s convenient, affordable and can really teach "designing to sell," not "designing to live."

Anyone who has read my articles or has taken the Staging Diva® Home Staging Business Training Program knows I don’t believe you need formal interior design training to be a successful home stager.

With this Design Guide, you'll learn everything I’ve picked up through trial and error over seven years of running my own home staging company and staging hundreds of clients' homes. Through the Staging Diva® Ultimate Design Guide, I will teach you all of my design tips and tricks, illustrated with detailed photos and floor plans so you can visualize what to do in any home staging situation.

Debra Gould, The Staging Diva

Debra Gould, The Staging Diva
President Six Elements Inc. Home Staging

Table of Contents
Design Guide Table of Contents

Get design help right away, no waiting. Order this 98 page ebook and you'll download and start reading it within minutes of when you order!

Boost your design confidence in any staging situation

"I began reading the Ultimate Design Guide and couldn't put it down! What a great tool for new stagers and even those who have been in business for awhile. I enjoyed how you touched on all the different situations we encounter daily, the room by room descriptions and seeing how you stage in detail. You also helped me answer the question if I stage too little or too much. I liked the ending where you speak of credentials. I remember when I first started, I wondered who would hire me. Then I realized I always had the talent and just lacked the confidence. Reading your book confirmed I have what it takes and I found it to be a great booster. Debra, I consider you the BEST in our field!!!! Appreciate you sharing your experiences and expertise. Your willingness to always help others succeed is admirable. Great book and certainly worth the value." Gary Baugher (TN) *
When you’re confident you can stage any room in any home, you’ll be able to take that time and energy you’d normally spend worrying about your next home staging project and focus it on building your business instead.

The Staging Diva® Ultimate Design Guide: Home Staging Tips, Tricks and Floor Plans by Debra Gould is a must-have resource for home staging professionals.

Whether you’re an aspiring home stager or an established pro, you must grab a copy of this Design Guide if you:

Don’t have the time, money or desire to take interior design training

Have put off growing your business because you're insecure about your decorating talent.

Second guess whether you’re doing the right thing.

Find it challenging to stage awkward spaces.

Aren’t sure how to avoid the common home staging pitfalls.

Don't know how to boost the "value" of a home.

Wonder how far to take each project and when it's staged enough.

Debra Gould, internationally recognized home staging expert, has developed an exhaustive "how to" design guide that tells you exactly what to do in every conceivable home staging scenario.

Floorplans and before and after room photos help you visualize what to do in every room of the home

Plus staging help for outside too!

Curb appeal is critical and you'll learn how to make sure prospective buyers get out of their car and come inside to tour the home. After all, if you can't get them in the door, the rest of the staging efforts will be wasted.

With your copy of Staging Diva® Ultimate Design Guide, it will be as if Debra Gould herself is with you in your client's home. You’ll know how The Staging Diva® approaches each room in the house, and her tips and tricks are delivered in an entertaining, conversational format with lots of accompanying photos and sample floor plans.

Learn how to stage every room in the house

More than ”just” a design guide, this essential tool will not only tell you exactly how to stage every space in a home (including exteriors, attics, basements and laundry areas) but it goes well beyond that.

"The Guide is fabulous! It is so packed with techniques, tips, and real world examples that being stuck for a staging solution would be hard, even in the most challenging situations. What a great confidence booster and go-to resource for those 'Yikes, what will I do with this room?' moments! Thank you for producing another valuable tool to support the success of my staging business." Maureen Jillain (ON) *
With your copy of the Staging Diva® Ultimate Design Guide, you’ll know how to:

Stage a property for its target market

Boost a home’s perceived value

Differentiate a home from competing properties

Communicate your vision

Soothe an anxious client

Find the best in every room

Identify and avoid common home staging pitfalls

Stage every nook and cranny of a property

"I was so excited to get my copy of the Staging Diva Ultimate Design Guide! I could not stop reading it! I ate a bowl of cereal for lunch because it was fast and I could get back to reading. The way you illustrated the concepts with floor plans and photographs made it crystal clear and so easy to understand exactly the way rooms can to be arranged. Thank you Debra! You have a wonderful way of instilling confidence in your students and graduates." Kay Keeton (TX) *
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Staging Diva Satisfaction Guaranee We want you to be satisfied with the Staging Diva products you order. If you don't feel that the "Staging Diva Ultimate Design Guide" has been accurately described, we'll give you a full refund.

Your refund must be requested in writing within 24 hours of receiving your copy of this ebook. After that time no refunds will be issued.

"WOW, The Design Guide is something else! Thanks Debra for making your information available, I will most certainly benefit from this." Gerhard Bester (South Africa) *

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"The Design Guide gave me a fresh outlook. Your advice on how to boost the perceived value of a home and make it stand out from the competition is very timely. I enjoyed the accompanying photos and they gave me inspiration for my future projects. Your information is so descriptive and clear, it gave me confidence to tackle any project! Thanks for putting together this great tool!" Kulli Yee (BC) *
"The client loved all my ideas and actually booked a second appointment right on the spot.
I can’t believe I’m actually getting paid for something that I love to do and that comes so naturally to me!" Home Stager ON
"The Staging Diva Program really informed me of the pitfalls of the business, it wasn't just a pep talk.

By having a realistic view, I feel better prepared to make business decisions that will allow me to grow and control my business the way I want to.

Home Stager I feel positive and prepared. Most importantly, I feel excited and ready to take on the challenges AND I look forward to the many rewards."
Jean Galvin (FL) *
"I was so inspired by the Staging Diva Training Program. Now instead of watching HGTV thinking 'I could do that' I'm moving forward with my own staging business.
I'm 500% more prepared to grow my business than before taking the program. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give these courses a 10 for far exceeding my expectations!" Hawaii home stager

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