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"I simply love the fact that the Staging Diva home staging course is a 'blueprint' with all the in's and out's of developing a Home Staging business— what a gift! Thank you Debra for giving me wings!"

Ameenah Lutfee (CA)

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Staging Diva Debra Gould attends to everything even the flowers

Debra Gould shares before and after photos and detailed floor plans from actual staging projects to illustrate the design principles she teaches in this complete guide. Boost your confidence in any real estate staging project!

Staging Diva Ultimate Design Guide: Home Staging Tips, Tricks and Floor Plans

Staging Diva Graduates Say

"The Staging Diva Training Program was worth every penny. My first project was worth $5000." Erin Rhindress (MA)

"I felt like I got twice the education for half the price." Pamela Parker (TX)

"I took what I learned in the Staging Diva Program and made over $4,000 on my first project." Kathleen Fischbein (NY)

"The Staging Diva Training Program is one of the best investments I've ever made." Jeanette Cataldo (MA)

"Thanks to Debra's Staging Diva Training, I made $6,000 on my first two staging projects doing work I love!" Kate Pinelo (TX)

Staging Diva Debra Gould attends to everything even the flowers

From designing a logo, to getting great before and after photos, this guide has it all. Home Staging expert Debra Gould's worksheets, checklists and countless tips, teach you how to get hired for MORE staging projects!

Staging Diva Ultimate Portfolio Guide: Winning Clients With The Perfect Home Staging Portfolio

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